How render other template if model rejected?



My Ember version is 1.12.

If my app gets a 404, I do transitionTo(‘errors.not-found’) as it is written in Loading / Error Substates

error: function(result) {
	if (result && result.status === 404) {
		return this.transitionTo('errors.not-found');

But there’s a problem. Url user change to ‘errors/not-found’ and when he clicks “back”, it goes back to the page with the 404 and it was again transferred to ‘errors/not-found’.

If I write:

error: function(result) {

I get a blank white screen.

How I can just render the other templet if you received an error in the model?


Have you tried using replaceWith instead of transitionTo? Not sure if it was always private or not…


replaceWith is a private, not very good to use it?


It wasn’t always private, it could be a mistake. There have been a lot of methods incorrectly marked as private as of late.