How server side could be implemented to support client side development


I am going to develop App in Ember. Before starting client side, i am in the situation to design and write REST API’s. Please share your thoughts and resources so that i could design good and neat API. Is there any architecture(say MVC) or frameworks (say Struts) to implement Rest API server ?


I use as a Backend.


But its for PHP. I need for Java


Yahoo uses Play Framework to build their prototype APIs. They eventually get rewritten for their specific infrastructure, but you might be able to go to production with it. I don’t do Java programming, so I don’t know.


There’s a badass book I got on kindle right now:, I’m really digging it so far.


No matter what language you’re writing in, I’d suggest you follow ‘The Ember Way’ from the beginning. If you’re using Ember Data there are a lot of conventions (data formats, naming etc) that are easier to follow than try and work around. Have a read about the RestAdapter for sideloading data etc. Good luck.


Really if you want to build something fast and robust see because you can build you API very very fast, it comes with RESTful or RPC services; JSON (specifically, HAL); Problem Details for HTTP APIs; Versioning; Normalisation and Validation; Authentication (HTTP Basic/Digest, OAuth2); Documentation (HTML, Swagger) and also here is an example using emberjs