How to add a child component to the main component through javascript in Ember Octane


I have main component with a button. Whenever this button is clicked I want to instantiate and add a child component to a “div” in the main component . It’s like adding rows on button click. How do I implement this behavior.

Here is the pseudo code.


<div id="placeHolder>   </div>
<button onClick={{this.clickAdd}}> Add </button>

 clickAdd() {
   //How to initialize Row Component and add to the placeHolder
   // For example document.getElementById("placeHolder").innerHTML += `<RowComponent/>`;

    <input name>  
    <input age>   


You need to keep a list of rows in your MainComponent. The details depend on what exactly you want to do with the rows, but here’s an example where each one stores just a name input field:

import Component from '@glimmer/component';
import { action } from '@ember/object';
import { tracked } from '@glimmer/tracking';

export default class MainComponent extends Component {
  rows = [];

  clickAdd() {
    this.rows = [...this.rows, { @tracked name: "" }];

  get summary() {
    return `There are ${this.rows.length} rows, and they contain these names: ${ =>" ")}`
<button {{on "click" this.clickAdd}}> Add </button>

{{#each this.rows as |row|}}
   {{! Here I am just creating an Input, but you could
       also call your RowComponent here. }}
    <Input @value={{}} />

  Summary: {{this.summary}}
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Thanks Edward. This approach suits my usecase.