How to add create,edit,delete bootstrap icon in ember jstree plugin

{{ember-jstree actionReceiver=jstreeActionReceiver selectedNodes=jstreeSelectedNodes data=data eventDidBecomeReady="handleTreeBecomeReady" plugins=plugins themes=themes checkboxOptions=checkboxOptions contextmenu=contextmenu contextMenuReportClicked="contextMenuReportClicked" searchOptions=searchOptions stateOptions=stateOptions typesOptions=typesOptions searchTerm=searchTerm eventDidBecomeReady="handleTreeDidBecomeReady" eventDidHoverNode=eventDidHoverNode

}} eventDidHoverNode: “hoverAction”,

actions: { hoverAction: function(){ // How can I apply the buttons to the view from here? },

I dont know what I should do to get this working. I am using this in ember.js.

I have used ember-cli-jstree plugin in my ember js project but I am able to add create, edit, delete bootstrap icon in hover action on node menu.