How to check if a module/template is defined?

I’m migrating my app to Ember CLI and previous I was using Grunt to build it and one of tasks compiled all templates into Ember.TEMPLATES hash. It made it easy to check if a template with given name exists. Now that templates are compiled to modules, how can I find if given template is defined?

Assuming you’re in the context of an object that was instantiated from the container:


Otherwise, you need to access the app container. devtools provides ways to do that for debugging purposes.

or if you just want which access to see which templates you have:

var templates = []; 
for(var moduleKey in require._eak_seen) { 
  if (moduleKey.indexOf('\/templates\/') !== -1) { 

Not sure what you’re trying to achieve, so can’t recommend one versus the other.


I check for some stuff before the app is “ready” and set an error if one of these checks fails. Later in error route I check if there’s a specific template for this error and if there is, I render the error-specific template, otherwise I’m rendering a generic template with “there was an error” message.

Ah, then in the error route check this.container.has is probably the approach you want.

Is there a way to do this within component, I tried it in my component but I couldn’t access container from it(this.container returns undefined)!! You help will be much appreciated. Thanks.

What version of ember?

We are using ember 1.11.

The container on the component is not the same contain as the rest of the application, this is by design. What I would do is create a service and inject that into my component which exposes a lookup method.

Example: JS Bin - Collaborative JavaScript Debugging

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Thanks for the jsbin, definitely looks like an elegant solution for the issue. thanks again. The only tiny thing I did was changed this.container.has(‘template:’ + templateName) to this.container.lookup(‘template:’+templateName) because I don’t know how to get “registry” to avoid the deprecation warning(DEPRECATION: has should be called on the registry instead of the container · Issue #2806 · emberjs/data · GitHub)

I’m curious why has has deprecation warnings when lookup does not. I guess I need to look closer at these changes.