How to deploy ember app on Heroku?


I am an emberjs beginner, I have a question regarding deploying ember application on Heroku. Can anyone suggest me how to deploy emberjs application on heroku?


Ember builds frontend apps. What aspect of deploying to Heroku would you like help with?


like I want to do RESTAdapter and I want to pass my json api url which is deployed in heroku…I don’t know whether I make sense or not…


It makes sense, but you might be collapsing the stack and getting confused as a result. Ember doesn’t know anything about where app is deployed. Ember Data communicates via HTTP to REST APIs. In this sense, mentioning Heroku is not very helpful because the problem doesn’t lie in hosting provider.

I think your question is more about, how do I communicate with an API using Ember Data and RESTAdapter. Am I correct?


Yes Exactly, here is my gist of my ember application and i am not able to save the updated data in my json…


You should probably create another post and title and describe it appropriately.

Include what problem you’re observing. You have a much higher chance of getting your questions answered if you are specific (and accurate) about what you’re asking for.

Also, include what tutorial you’re following because judging from your code, you might be following an outdated tutorial.


I am following this tutorial for my starting point of learning…


This tutorial is old. Have you done the Guides tutorial?


No, where I can find the Guides tutorial??


Have you gone through this


thanks a lot for the link and I will go through this tutorial.


I followed the video tutorial in the guides but when he refresh the page the data he edited is not saved…


can you give me a link to the video frame?


You mean the youtube link?


at the 26:22 mins he is editing the first post and he did refresh the data is not saved…

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