How to display different div or form when a button is clicked

Hi guys, i am new with ember js, i trying to display different div in next page when a button is clicked. For example from page 1 have 4 types of options, when click option 1, it will display a form in page 2, same goes to others option, but the form input field will be different, i trying to use {{#if (eq productId “arrival”)}} to display but not working.

Hope can get a lesson from any expert here, regards.

Hey there, welcome to the community! There are a number of folks here who would be happy to help, but we may need more detail on what you are trying to do and what you have tried. Could you post a bit more about what you are trying to do?

Another possibility that sometimes helps with these types of things is to ask on the Discord help channel. Sometimes when it’s taking a bit to understand something, it’s easier to discuss it via chat. If you think that’d help, you can signup for an account at You’ll have to wait to post until you have been given a community-member role, but at that point there are lots of folks around who would happily help work out your problem with you.