How to get model data from component

This is so stupid. How the heck do you access model data from inside component? This is my first attempt on using Ember Data.

So, I have a component that’s being called like this:


Inside the article-full.js component, i need to do some checking to either show or hide one of the field.

showMonth: true,

didReceiveAttrs() {
  let month = this.get('article').month;
  if (month == 'all') {
    this.set('showMonth', false);

But this.get('article').month doesn’t actually give me anything meaningful.

Hey @rzky, I think you just have a minor syntax error which is causing the issue. Instead of saying

let month = this.get('article').month;

I think you should try:

let month = this.get('article.month');

Since the ember data model is not just a POJO you should use ‘get’ to reference any attribute on it.

If I may, I’d also suggest using a computed property instead of messing with didReceiveAttrs for this specific case. So instead of the above code that you had, just add this to your component:

showMonth: Ember.computed('article.month', function(){
  return this.get('article.month') !== "all";

EDIT: the computed property above is equivalent to the following, which you might also see a lot:

showMonth: function(){
  return this.get('article.month') !== "all";

But the Dockyard style guide suggests avoiding prototype extensions so that is the recommended syntax

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that’s awesome. i learned something new everyday. thx @dknutsen!

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Just a small suggestion from me too.

If you’re model is small enough, is it easier/tidier to pass in the whole model?

{{article/article-full model=model}}

And then in the component.js distribute the properties.

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