How to handle ember errors?

I’ve added the next code

Ember.onerror = function (error) {

Yes, I get errors here but not all. For example, I can’t handle the next error: Error in application route Error: Assertion Failed: You made a 'findAll' request for 'mymodel' records, but the adapter's response did not have any data

I tried to add into application route:

    actions: {
        error(error, transition) {

But It doesn’t help.

Where is this code in your app? You should probably have it in an initializer e.g.:

// app/initializers/error-handling.js
import Ember from 'ember';

function initialize(/* application */) {
  const onErrorSuper = Ember.onerror || function(e) {
    throw e;

  // your custom handler here, this is just an example
  Ember.onerror = function(e) {
    if (e instanceof AppExplosion) {
      // Silence app explosions, they are not important.
    } else {

export default {
  name: 'error-handling',

Yes, I tried to add onerror handler in instance-initializers

Seems, onerror doesn’t catch errors like Error in application route Error:.......

Hmmmm I feel like it still should. Have you tried a regular initializer instead of an instance initializer? That’s the only way I’ve done this before.