How to include an SVG sprite sheet in my ember addon


Hey there, I am building an ember addon that is a collection of components for our organizations applications. We have been building it with the intention to distribute our standardized UI controls as defined in our style guide. I would also like to use this addon to distribute our SVG sprite sheet, but I am finding myself confused as to how I would do this. Since addons don’t appear to come with a public directory for rolling these assets into the consuming application, where would be the right place to put this sprite sheet for ingestion in the consuming app?

Is there a build step we can hook into where I put the sprite sheet in /addon/img/ and then those assets get moved to /public/assets/img/ in the consumer?

Or, is an addon the wrong place to be thinking of doing something like this?


Addons are a perfect place to distribute assets like this.

Have a look at how this bootstrap addon does it