How to load a bunch of item controller in less time in ember?


For an example, I am getting more than 30,000 folder object response from the server in one request, I need to insert into the folder tree and each object is an item controller. It’s more than 10 mins to load 20,000 responses in chrome. In Firefox shows the stop script popup. Please give me the best solution for this problem.


If you want some help, the best way would be to provide a working (or similar) :wink:


Have you considered something like pagination? If there’s any kind of list hierarchy you might want to think about rendering the parent items first and so on.



This demo is prepared for only 10,000 folders list. But I have more than 30,000 thousand folders. If I render it in one stretch system gets hang. So, I need to render it on setTimeout already it renders slowly. :frowning:


@kgish Yes, there is. But, I’m asking about the first level folders list only. :frowning:


You might want to look at these topic if you haven’t already