How to pass arguments to dynamic model0

I want to pass two (or more) arguments to ; I have app.router.js like {
  this.route('photo', { path: '/photo/:photo_id' });


dynamic route’s model

model(params) {
    return'photo', params.photo_id);

this will go to /photo/photo_id

now I tried to pass couple of arguments then it was giving error: no model is defined for some_photo_it (say id) I tried this:

model(params) {
    return'photo', params.photo_id,{param1:0, param2:25});

but It was giving error like: Error: More context objects were passed than there are dynamic segments for the route: error

please answer.

I’m not sure I follow your question. Do you mean you want to the store to return two photos?

@vikram7 I am new to ember and Sorry I mixed the question, now I edited it. I want to go to url:


where {photo_id} can change dynamically But I know only these that: I can pass it like:'phoso',photo_id);

this will result a get request : ...someURL/photos/photo_id

where photo_id is dynamically changing . And I can also pass it like:'photo',{param1=0,param2=25})

this will result like:


but I want the get request like:


Hope I am able to clearly express the question…