How to prevent ember from adding a wrapper `div` with a class='ember-view'

How do I prevent the wrapper div that is generated from wrapping the data in a table row it is messing up with the styles.

There are a couple options. If you’re using newest versions of Ember (Octane) you can use Glimmer components which are tagless by default. If you are using classic components with any version of ember you can specify a tagName property on the component class and if you set tagName: '' it will not render a wrapping tag (just be aware that if you do this any of the component APIs that involve customizing the wrapping tag will not work)

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Thank you the first option worked for me

Additionally to the two options mentioned by @dknutsen you should enable the optional feature tagless-glimmer-components. It ensures that a wrapper <div> isn’t added for template-only components. It’s enabled by default for new apps generated by latest Ember CLI.