How to redirect to an object show route after its creation?

Lets say I have a post model with a title and a text field and two routes for the model – new route and show route. I want to create a post from new route and then transition to show route.

This is my router file

this.route('post-new', { path: '/posts/new' });
this.route('post-show', { path: '/posts/:postId' });

and submit action in post-new controller, which creates post, is something like this.

actions: {
  submit() {
    const { title, text } = this.getProperties('title', 'text');
    let post ='post', {
      title: title,
      text: text
    }); => {
      this.transitionToRoute('post-show', post);
    }, () => {

So I am expecting this to redirect from http://localhost:4200/posts/new to something like http://localhost:4200/posts/23 (assuming 23 is id).
The save() is successful and record is created on the backend (which is rails) and I also see the post record updated in browser (it now has an ID) using Ember Inspector. But the redirection is happening to http://localhost:4200/posts/undefined.

How can I make this to redirect to something like http://localhost:4200/posts/23 after save ?

Btw, The versions are:
ember cli : 2.3.0-beta.1
ember : 2.3.0
ember data : 2.3.3

i think this should work ?

this.transitionToRoute(‘posts’, post);

The route name is ‘post-show’, not ‘posts’ so that won’t work.
I got it working btw. I had to do …


instead of

this.transitionToRoute('post-show', post);
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This worked for me ass well after a save.

its did not work for me, More context objects were passed than there are dynamic segments for the route. var rental= this.get('model'); var obj = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(rental)); let newProperty ='rental',obj);; this.transitionToRoute('show_property',