How to test actions in route?


In EmberJs, I 'm a green hand. guide about unit test with route doc lesser, i don’t mean how to test actions in route. Who can help me, thanks!!

`import Ember from 'ember'`

ApplicationRoute = Ember.Route.extend
    showConfirmModal: (controller, model, title, content)->
      @controller.set('modalTitle', title)
      @controller.set('modalBody', content)
      @_renderModal('modal.confirm', controller, model)

    closeModal: ->
      @disconnectOutlet outlet: 'modal', parentView: 'application'

  _renderModal: (template, controller, model)->

    template = template || 'modal.default'

    @render 'modal', into: 'application', outlet: 'modal'
    @render template, into: 'modal', outlet: 'modalContainer'
    if controller
      ctrl = @controllerFor(controller)
      model && ctrl.set('model', model)

`export default ApplicationRoute`