How to update item without save button


i have try to update on key-press enter but i am not able to do without save option

then how to update item on enter key-press

this my code…

{{#if todo.isVisible}}

        {{input value = }}

         <button type ="button" class="btn btn-success" {{action 'updateTodo'  todo}}>Save</button>
        <span {{action 'editTodo' todo on='doubleClick'}}> {{}}</span>
        <button type ="button" class="btn btn-default" {{action 'delTodo'}}>X</button>


Bind the ‘todo’ value of the input field in the template with the ‘todo’ property, then setup an observer in your component controller like this:

 todo: '',

  todoDidChange: function(){
  //sendAction to your route to update your model here

Link to jsbin.

You could use a observer.

You can also bind an action to another event, e.g.:

<input onkeyup={{action "updateName" value="target.value"}} />
actions: {
    updateName: function(newName) {
        this.get("todo").set("name", newName);
        // Do something