How to update records (API + Websocket)?



Newbie here…

I’m trying to pull data in from a REST API and then live update the same data set with a websocket…but having an issue where nothing is showing up in my template, nor are both data sets being included when I look at the ember data inspector (either get the API - which has name, ID, kind - or websocket livestream - which has ID, device_count, and other fields).

Here’s a look at my code:

The JSON looks like:

Any thoughts where I’m going wrong?

Thanks! bpt


If anyone’s following along, I popped a

model: function() {

in my index route, and now I can see records for a just a second from the API - but they are quickly replaced with records from the websocket livestream. Getting closer…?



store.update('group', data)

on the websocket. Yay!