Import javascripts from node_modules packages

Hi there,

I have the problem that I do not can import the bootstrap.js from my ember-cli-bootstrap-4 package within the ember-cli-build.js file and for minutes I found this:

Is there a other possibility to import my needed scripts from this package? I use the current ember version 2.14 …

Greetings, Mario

You can directly import from node_modules only if your app is running in ember 2.15. Looks like this addon (GitHub - kellyselden/ember-cli-node-modules-to-vendor: Easily import packages (non ember addons) from node_modules) might be helpful if you are sticking to 2.14 for now.

You may also want to read Using npm libraries in Ember CLI | Blog | simplabs

There is a guide for Managing dependencies in Ember.js that covers most of the common cases.

Now the easier way to add many things from node_modules is ember-auto-import