In support of two-way data binding

I am still to understand why there is this sudden movement against two-way data binding. I always loved the concept(starting from knockout js). I love the Ember way. The biggest advantage of using Ember with Ember-data is that I do not have to perform any change-tracking. Also I love the fact that I do not have to write code to handle change of each input, check-box and radio-button. I have tried React and my experience has actually been reverse of the popular opinion. After using Ember, I actually find it quite inconvenient to have to notify the data store and then listen for events from the store in my React component. Maybe I am spoilt by the Ember way. I never faced any problems because of the two-way data binding or the way the data flows in ember. Please do not remove the two-way binding. Ember always took pride in following it’s own path. Please do not blindly follow Reactjs.