Include some files in dist IF !production build

I’d like to include a folder containing some static files in the ‘dist’ output directory unless the project is being built for production.

Can I configure this in broccoli? I know it does something similar with the test files but there is a LOT of code in the broccoli/ember-app.js file that seems to be doing this.

I was hoping for it to be a simple config.

Sure! Couple ways, either using .import() for each file or using an if statement with the environment flag for “pickFiles” (AKA broccoli-static-compiler).

// in your Brocfile.js

// each file individually
    production: false,
    development: 'path/to/file'

// using pick files
if (app.env !== 'production') {
    var extraAssets = pickFiles('path/to/folder', {
        srcDir: '/',
        files: ['*.jpg'],
        destDir: '/assets/images'
    app = app.toTree(extraAssets);

Take a look at the ember-cli documentation for details: The Ember CLI - Introduction - Ember CLI Guides