Input field binding

URL: http:/localhost:4200/bands

Ember.js version: 2.18.0


{{input type="text" class="new-band" placeholder="New Band" value=name}}
<button class="btn btn-primary btn-sm new-band-button" onclick={{action "createBand"}}>Add</button>


export default Controller.extend({
  name: 'abc',

  actions: {
      var x = this.get('name');
      this.set('name', '');

The x in createBand() funciton is always ‘abc’ whatever I typed in. Anyone can help?

What’s happening when you add {{name}} to your template? It should automatically change while you’re typing. So there shouldn’t be a need for a separate action to set the changes.

It turned out there was some redundant code somewhere else interfering ember.js binding. Thanks anyway.

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