Integration Testing components

I have a component text-console that I am trying to create an integration test for. Ember v 1.13.8

Usage: {{text-console content=message.title}}



How can I pass the message.title.

Here is the model {message: { title: { text: ‘message text’ } }}

When running this.set I get a message saying this.set is not defined

this.set(‘message.title’, {text: ‘sample message text’});
or this.set(‘content’, message) where message = {title: {text: ‘some message’}}

Thanks for help.

this.render(hbs {{text-console content=message.title}});

I think (could be wrong) it is because your model is a POJO which doesn’t have a set method - that’s why this.set is undefined.

Try making your model an Ember.Object instead of a POJO.

Alternatively, you could try setting the property using Ember.set(this, 'message.title') or Ember.set(message, 'title').

Thanks for your response. I figured out what the issue was. I had added needs in my module for component. Taking that out worked.

I believe the original problem was you needed to call this.set('message', { title: 'some message'}) to get the message object into your context.

needs is for unit tests, not for component integration tests. you shouldn’t “need” needs. Make sure you have integration: true in your moduleForComponent call.