Introducing Full Stack JS Amber - A boilerplate with Ember on the client and a Node Server API

Hey guys, I like Ember and I like to have a real server when I’m developing and I liked the MEAN stack at so I forked it and replaced Angular with Ember and built a bit on top of that. It’s not perfect and it’s truly never finished, but it is functional and a great starting point I think.

You can find it here:

I hope you find it useful. I’ll be very happy to see people giving this a try, reporting issues and contributing.


Hey great idea !!

So few comments Why not to include mongodb in ember-cli if you check ember-cli has more tools and aso more cool to get several apps working quickly.

Thanks! I didn’t know about ember-cli when I started. I’ll look at what it’s useful for, the thing is… it doesn’t have a real server

See it at

and Guide here

Very easy and powerful

i like it, I saw Stefan Penner demo it in Seattle 2 days ago. But there is no server…

@mgenev um… yeah there is a server… ember server runs it up, from memory. It was working like months ago (I know, because I have an old version of it running on my secondary machine).

all i saw was a preview server like yeoman, this boiler has a real express server api

ember-cli is not about server side.

But think about it as needed glue for E from Your MEEN stack (E as Ember). Where all things client side can be handled by ember-cli (or can be deffered to it)

Right, I get that, it’s like a yeoman generator for ember

Whatever you do, don’t name it “Amber” :stuck_out_tongue:


ok, changed its name to nodember

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