Is Ember for me?

Let me explain : I have the core of my app which is a REST api. It handles data verification (โ€œis the email field an email ?โ€ etc.) and responds with JSON, caches responses etc.

I want to build the user front end (forms, displaying data and styling it with CSS, etc).

Is Ember for me ? I still have a hard time fully understanding what Ember is :slight_smile: Is anyone in this situation ?

Subsidiary question : as it is javascript code, is all the ember calculation done by the client ? Meaning : can I host the front end on a โ€œweakโ€ server or heroku dyno ?

Thanks a lot for your help :slight_smile:

I think the short answer is yes. But it also depends on what kind of application you want to build, is it a content heavy web app or a highly interactive application? My sense is that ember is more geared towards the latter.

Basically it is a social blogging application.

Yes, ember is perfect for building rich clients backed by an API.

Instead of having a PHP or rails app render the html on the server and send it to the browser, you send a JS app to the browser and that renders the html, possibly using data from an API.

Additionally you can go and read some interviews of people using Ember.js here, that can give you an idea howโ€™s Ember being used, what kind of apps are being built with it, the things that people like and dislike.