Is Ember.Object.willDestroy method called after recalculating a computed property?


hi guys, I have the following question: when a computed property that creates Ember.Objects is recalculated, shouldn’t the old Ember.Objects created call their willDestroy method? I have a twiddle here but it’s not showing anything in the console.

As far as I know, when there’s a change in the array, the objects created in the CP are recreated, so what happens with the old ones? I thought they would be destroyed since there isn’t anything referencing them, but if that were the case, wouldn’t they call the method willDestroy?

Better expressed by @grapho in Slack:

but i think the main question is if you are and generating an array of objects… then the computed property is recalculated… why are those original objects not destroyed? they are just ​replaced​ by new objects?