Is it possible to embed an ember application into another app

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to embed an existing ember application in another app that is not ember (like sales force or some react application). I ve read about this here: Embedding Applications - Configuration - Ember Guides

That link seems too trivial, and I feel like I may be missing something here.

Any reference or guides as to how to do so will be appreciated. Thanks, Jamiu

Have you tried it yet? That seems like the right information (though I should note I’ve never tried this myself).

There are also a few relevant addons:

and I ran across this userland example, but it’s very old (still mentions bower etc): GitHub - imtapps/embedded-ember: embed ember in an existing page

Hi @dknutsen ,
I have not tried it. I just dont understand how, making changes to the ember app, without making changes to the other app will work. Im trying to understand how to do the linkage from the other app to the ember app.

I will take a look at those addons. Thanks

Yes, it’s possible and those instructions are accurate. An Ember app at its heart is two JS files, configuration values (generally stored in the meta tag) and an html element that Ember knows it should render into. Ember CLI makes it much nicer to work with, but that’s the core of an Ember app.

To make life simpler for yourself, you can also adjust the storeConfigInMeta value to false (see Asset compilation - Advanced use - Ember CLI Guides for details) which will mean you don’t need the meta tag for config info.

Beyond that though, you’d need to work out how to deploy your Ember app JS files to your other system as your Ember app changes. And then you’d need to load the JS files at the appropriate time (or on the right page). But those become standard “I have a JS lib that I want to load here” questions.

As far as getting your other app to talk to Ember (or vice versa), that gets a bit trickier. But it’s perfectly doable if that becomes a need