Is it possible to make Ember respond to `/app` when rootUrl is `/app/`?

In a Rails app with ember-cli, after login I’m redirecting to /app. Unfortunately the ember app raises assert in getHistoryPath (from detect()):

  _emberMetalDebug.assert('Path ' + path + ' does not start with the provided rootURL ' + rootURL, rootURLIndex === 0);

Changing the redirect url to /app/ works, but I’m wondering if there is an easy fix to make it accept /app as valid URL for the root path. User are very likely to type in manually /app and the result is a non-functional app. Changing the rootUrl to /app raises different assert in detect():

   _emberMetalDebug.assert('rootURL must end with a trailing forward slash e.g. "/app/"', rootURL.charAt(rootURL.length - 1) === '/');

On the server side, reply with a 301 redirect to /app/ when the client requests /app. Issue solved, and you avoid issues with search engines seeing two different URIs for the same page, should that matter.