Is there a good way to sync a service with the current route


I am having an application which makes use of an independent navigation bar on it’s side. So, the navigation bar allows the user to navigate a set of nested routes independently from the current route. However, as the current route changes I need to tell the sidebar what the current route is as it is possible to navigate from the route’s template as well. Therefore I am using a service which I call from the route’s setupController() method. This works quite well unless the user navigating back within a nested route. For instance we are at (book: 1, page: 2) and the user navigates to (book: 1), this is an issue, as the setupController hook is not called. Same goes for the browsers back button. Is there a good way to make this work reliably?


I would use named outlets for this.

I cover this in my talk here:


When a route is exited, the deactivate method is called on the route, which may be the missing piece you need to cobble the service together :slight_smile: There’s also an activate hook which may be more appropriate than the setupController one. I’ve been in the same situation you’ve been in before, but never quite got it right, but I didn’t know of those hooks the last time I tried. It would be nice if we could just depend on a property on the router or something, but I haven’t found such a thing.


Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for but couldn’t find the last time I was looking. Maybe it hasn’t been there by then - I don’t know, but this looks like it could really work :slight_smile:


Just finally got to watch the video. Great presentation. But I think using named outlets would make everything more complex in my case, as the navigation contains the whole data from various nested routes and I would like to keep it independent from the current route as much as possible