Is there an update on how to inject into custom Object classes?

I have a database manager singleton that I create with the following:

App.Mongo = Ember.Object.extend({...})

App.register("mongo:main", App.Mongo);
App.inject("route", "mongo", "mongo:main");
App.inject("controller", "mongo", "mongo:main");

Now inside that I want to use another singleton:

App.Factory = Ember.Object.extend({...})

App.register("factory:main", App.Factory);
App.inject("route", "factory", "factory:main");
App.inject("controller", "factory", "factory:main");
App.inject("object:mongo", "factory", "factory:main");

Is there a supported way to accomplish this yet?

I’d like to know the answer to this as well. I’ve got a factory I’d like to inject my socket and store singletons into. I thought it would be something as simple as:

    name: "factory",
    after: "socket",

    initialize: function (container, application) {
        container.register('factory:main', Ember.Factory);
         application.inject('factory:main', 'store', 'store:main');
         application.inject('factory:main', 'socket', 'socket:main');

Where Ember.Factory = Ember.Object.extend({});

However, calling Ember.Factory.create() does not result in an object with store and socket properties.

My factory happens to be something that’s meant to be extended, much like DS.Model. My App has App.FooFactory = Ember.Factory.extend();. Instances of App.FooFactory also fail to have session and store properties.

I’ve tried several variations on what I register, what I inject upon, and when / how I create the FooFactory instance, but all fail to have store or socket injected.