Issue with rendering g-recaptcha 2.0

I’m trying to build a short and sweet google recaptcha widget. I have the following code in my component:

export default Ember.Component.extend({

  attributeBindings: ['id:id', 'siteKey:data-sitekey'],
  classNames: ['g-recaptcha'],

  id: 'recaptcha-container',

  siteKey: "6LeMXSYTAAAAAH4mKMnph1jHnepNhX9O4bGk_Jjs",
  theme: 'light',

  init() {

Since there doesn’t seem to be a bower lib for g-recaptcha, I’m snatching up the script on init (this way I don’t have to place the script src in the index.html file, and it makes dropping it where ever I need much easier).

However upon rendering, I get an iframe with a whole another body tag. I’m not a fan of this for obvious reasons, and I’m assuming this shouldn’t be happening.


turns out this is normal :open_mouth: