Issues after upgrade to ember 2.12


I upgraded to ember 2.12 and some of my tests don t pass any more. I use ember-intl and ember-simple-auth addons and dependency injection (session and intl) throw an Error :

Attempting to inject an unknown injection: ‘service:session’

Attempting to inject an unknown injection: ‘service:intl’

I don’t see any entry in the ember changelog which could be an explanation.

Somebody can help me to understand ? Thanks a lot

Take a look at It seems similar to what you are seeing.

tldr; Ember was supposed to be throwing these errors all along (since Ember.inject was introduced), but at some point we lost the assertion. During the recent work implementing owner.factoryFor we fixed this (unwittingly) as we added tests for the feature under .factoryFor.

Thanks for your fast answer. Ok even “empty” unit tests (default template) now need to inject services:

needs: [‘service:session’]