Issues after upgrading ember-cli from 0.2.5 to 0.2.7


Hi all,
I built a small test app that displays github API. It doesn’t use ember-data.
In this gist are the main files of the app that are different from default.

After updating ember-cli from 0.2.5 to 0.2.7 the app, at the route, for example, users/octocat displays only the HTML container but doesn’t render handlebars tags that simply disappear. Checking with ember-inspector I can see that the data are retrieved from github API but not displayed anymore.

Any hints?


Ok, so I’ll try to add more information.
Actually, this is the response of github to an user API request:

  "login": "octocat",
  "id": 583231,
  "avatar_url": "",
  "gravatar_id": "",
  "url": "",
  "html_url": "",
  "followers_url": "",
  "following_url": "{/other_user}",
  "gists_url": "{/gist_id}",
  "starred_url": "{/owner}{/repo}",
  "subscriptions_url": "",
  "organizations_url": "",
  "repos_url": "",
  "events_url": "{/privacy}",
  "received_events_url": "",
  "type": "User",
  "site_admin": false,
  "name": "The Octocat",
  "company": "GitHub",
  "blog": "",
  "location": "San Francisco",
  "email": "",
  "hireable": false,
  "bio": null,
  "public_repos": 5,
  "public_gists": 8,
  "followers": 1023,
  "following": 6,
  "created_at": "2011-01-25T18:44:36Z",
  "updated_at": "2015-05-22T18:59:27Z"

I read the specification of the convention for a JSON response for ember here, but it’s not clear if it’s used also in the model hook inside a route (that is what I have done here). If we apply the logic of Ember Data JSON convention we should consider that the ember serializer expects this kind of response from the API:

  "user": {
      "login": "octocat",
      "id": 583231,
      "avatar_url": "",
      "gravatar_id": "",
      "url": "",
      "html_url": ""

That is not the case of the github API response.

But the question is: does emberjs follow its JSON convention also for a raw data retrieving using model hook inside a route? Or is this convention specific to Ember Data?


This was not an ember-cli related issue.
It was actually and emberjs issue, relative to a deprecation added in version 1.11 and made executive in 1.12.
After a deep reading of all the deprecations relative to emberjs versions, I found that the change in Ember.ObjectController from version 1.11 to 1.12 (reported by the deprecation added for version 1.11):

Next update any use of {{modelPropertyName}} in templates with {{model.modelPropertyName}}.

produced a change in how the variables are called in templates. So in the case of a “details” template, you cannot call directly the variable correctly loaded in the EmberObject using - in my example - {{login}} but you have to use {{model.login}}.
With this change in the code that I reported, it works.

It would be possible to report this and express this change more clearly in the docs?