Issues with Each/ArrayProxy and Garbage collenction

I have a specific view in my app that I need to be rendered ASAP, needless to say this is one of the UI elements with the biggest amount of data and it takes the longest time to display (around 3 secs :-/ for a table with 800 rows)

Now originally I thought that the bottle neck slow rendering (which was probably true for Emebr pre 1.10.0) but looking at chrome time line it actually looks like a bunch of garbage collection happening is happening and the rendering itself is not the main bottleneck (it still takes 300 ms but that is only 10% ).

As workaround I’m lazy loading the DOM 20 rows at a time, this gives me a fairly acceptable rendering time for the initial view I think that if I could find a way to delay GC to happen after the rendering the whole list would be much more faster.

I’ll probably try to dig into it in much more depth, but was wondering if any one had similar issues and might save me some time.