JSON:API and jsonapi-resources


I have been hearing a lot of good things about JSON API and coming from rails it made sense for me implement a test API for me to play with using jsonapi-resources. It’s actually very similar to their example application peeps (sorry new users can only post two links).

I am looking for example Ember apps that use jsonapi-resources on the back end. As someone learning Ember I am very confused by the state of Ember Data and how it relates to json api & jsonapi-resources.

Ember-json-api seems to be an adapter for Ember Data, but my light browsing of the issues suggests that Ember Data plans on supporting JSON API out of the box once it reaches 1.0, which it did a few days ago. Does this mean I can wait a week or so and avoid using the adapter? or is this adapter specific to jsonapi-resources? From my understanding it is not.

Thanks for the help.

@mrlee_io I started a project for lightweight persistence with JSON API 1.0 GitHub - pixelhandler/ember-jsonapi-resources: Lightweight persistence for an Ember CLI app following the JSON API 1.0 spec this was extracted from my blog app that uses the jsonapi-resources gem (running on master branch for now)

I favored a simple solution for the spec that operates on the idea that the objects in the app are aware that they follow the spec, the model (resource), adapter, serializer and services just plainly follow the spec.

I still need to document the project; e.g. how to use the ember generator for a “resource”. Then update the blog app to use the addon. What’ I’m saying is that the code works on a production app it’s just not fully extracted into a working addon yet.

this addon will be under active development this week and be used in a new project for may day job so it will be fully documented and tested within a week or two.

@pixelhandler That’s great, I’ll go over your repo in a few hours and see if I can make heads or tails of anything. Thank you so much for doing this, can’t wait for your updates.

I just got it working as an addon, implementing it now on an app.

Update… it is working on a simple all in prod.

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