JSONAPI Serializer and hasMany saving

Hi All,

If I have a model like this:

View Model:
    properties: DS.hasMany('property')

Property Model:
    value: DS.attr('string'),
    view: DS.belongsTo('view')

In the app I populate the value in the Property Model and then on route transition I save the View Model, the properties associated with the View does not include the value data. Is there really no way for JSON API to handle this case without having to iterate over all the properties of the view and saving them individually?

The information you’ve given is not enough to try helping debug, can you elaborate more?

I guess it comes down to if it is possible to do a bulk update? If I modify any properties that belong to a view and save the view, I would expect that the properties would be sent along with the request to the backend which is not the case.