Just getting started with Ember, but I have a problem with integrating sass


I’ve done a fresh install of ember-cli and created my new app. I then installed ember-cli-sass, and moved all my .scss files to the app/styles folder, with the main file being app.scss and all others prefixed with _.

When I launch with ember serve, I get the warning: Could not find watchman, falling back to NodeWatcher for file system events, but I’m not sure if this is directly related to my problem.

The problem is that the app.css file is not created in dist/assets. So how do I go about debugging this?

Edit: I’ve also added this to my Brocfile.js, then run ember build:

var compileSass = require('broccoli-sass');

var app = new EmberApp();

var sassImportPaths = [

var appCss = compileSass(sassImportPaths, './app/styles/app.scss', './assets/app.css');

SCSS files are not able to compile in my project

Command ember serve creates nothing in the dist directory. It just runs the development server, try to open localhost:4200 in order to see if all your styles there.

You need to use ember build for building a distributable version (don’t forget about --environment flag). And as far as I got it, your app/styles structure is really good, it doesn’t requre any tuning in Brocfile.js

About watchman - yes, it’s an unrelated warning. You need to build it for usage in your system, refer to this doc in order to fix it - http://www.ember-cli.com/#getting-started