Linking stylesheets / best practice

dear all,

a little bit similar to this question:

is it possible to link all stylesheets within a folder and his subfolders recursively in one step instead of making dozens of “@import…”?

a am working with module-unification

what is the currently best-way for ember-cli?

thanks, Christian

I think you’d need a build-time transform to pull that off somehow. I don’t even know if that’s a thing in other single-page-app ecosystems.

for now, I personally just have a bunch of imports in my stylesheets.

but, a pattern than I like to do is similar to what javascript suggestions with index.js files.

I’ll make an _all.scss file and import everything from that folder into the “all” file. and then in my root stylesheet, I’ll do @import 'folder/_all'

Thanks NullFoxPopuli!

i think i will do it on the same way, see: