ListView fix for Ember 1.11

I can’t get ListView component working with Ember 1.11 using HTMLBars. When I tried to use the component, the first error I had to fix was usage of HTMLBars’ private function registerHelper in ListView, so I modified the code from

(Ember.HTMLBars || Ember.Handlebars).registerHelper('ember-list', EmberList);
(Ember.HTMLBars || Ember.Handlebars).registerHelper('ember-virtual-list', EmberVirtualList);


Ember.HTMLBars._registerHelper('ember-list', EmberList);
Ember.HTMLBars._registerHelper('ember-virtual-list', EmberVirtualList);

Then the second error occured which I’m unable to fix:

Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'nextSibling' of null  ember.debug.js:43570
	Morph.insertBeforeMorph					@ ember.debug.js:43570
	Morph.insertContentBeforeMorph				@ ember.debug.js:43549
	Renderer_insertElement					@ ember.debug.js:8563
	Renderer_renderTree					@ ember.debug.js:8420
	scheduledRenderTree					@ ember.debug.js:8459
	Queue.invoke						@ ember.debug.js:871
	Queue.flush						@ ember.debug.js:936
	DeferredActionQueues.flush				@ ember.debug.js:741
	Backburner.end						@ ember.debug.js:166						@ ember.debug.js:221
	Backburner.join						@ ember.debug.js:240
	run.join						@ ember.debug.js:15911
	run.bind						@ ember.debug.js:15966
	n.Callbacks.j						@ jquery.js:3094
	n.Callbacks.k.fireWith					@ jquery.js:3206
	n.extend.ready						@ jquery.js:3412
	I							@ jquery.js:3428

Fiddle with the second error reproduced: Edit fiddle - JSFiddle - Code Playground

Is there a fix for ListView using Ember 1.11 (or is it being worked on)? If not, does a ListView component alternative for Ember 1.11 with HTMLBars exist?