Load content into a dropdown on click


Let’s say I need a custom dropdown list that I want to populate with data once the user expands it. My current idea is to have properties in the controller like expanded " and contentLoaded. When user clicks the dropdown I would set expanded to true. I would have a listener for the change of this property where I would load the data and set contentLoaded to true so I don’t have to reload it next time.

Is there a more emberish way of doing this?

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Yes, you should probably use a computed property instead of an observer on expanded. A computed property won’t be computed before it’s requested.

Example JavaScript:

App.SomeController = Ember.Controller.extend({
  isExpanded: false,
  expand: function() {
    this.set('isExpanded', true);
  records: function() {
    return App.Record.find();

Example Handlebars:

<a {{action expand}}>Expand</a>
{{#if isExpanded}}
  {{#each record in records}}

This way, the records property won’t be requested before isExpanded is set to true.


Thanks a lot for this!