Loading data relative to a relation modify the relation[solved]

EDIT : Sorry, the problem did not originate from ember.

In the same model hook I display a relation for a model, and I also want to display the data available to add as a relation :

const product = this.modelFor('products.edit');
const allLicences = this.get('store').findAll('licence');

The product has many licence, and I want to display the current licences, and a selector for possible licences to add. I understand that all data should be loaded from the route, but here it seems to replace the product.licences by all of the licences, unless I remove the line loading all of the licences, and then, product contain only the correct licences.

WHat am I missing?

I’m not sure. Can you post the respective models? And what are you looking at that indicates that all licenses are related?

Sorry, it was not an ember related problem, the endpoint was not delivering the correct data.

That’s good that you found it. Onward!