LOG_TRANSITIONS_INTERNAL doesn't log model and setupController hooks

This has been the source of debugging hell for a while now and I just discovered why. I’m wondering if others can corroborate on this before filing an issue.

When you set up your Ember app to LOG_TRANSITIONS_INTERNAL: true (documentation here), it fails to log your model hook and setupController hook although indeed logs your beforeModel, afterModel, deserialize hooks. The documentation is pretty clear that should be logging all of them.

This may not sound like a big deal, but it can lead one on some wild goose chases. When working with nested routes especially (which by design don’t always call the model and setupcontroller hooks), I want to know when they are being called vs when they’re not being called. That way, I can understand how Ember and various data-libraries get used on transitions. This failure to log all of the hooks being run led me (and others, I’m sure) to a bad mental model of how hooks get called.

Below is evidence that the model hook is running but not being logged.

I am using Ember 1.4.0

Please file an issue (or better yet a pull request)…

You should definitely update to the latest stable version…