Looking for a rich text editor


Can anyone recommend a rich text editor for use with Ember? It needs to support embedding videos that are stored on Amazon S3. Most I’ve seen only support youtube/vimeo.

I appreciate any help.


@mrjerome I work on an editor named Mobiledoc-Kit: https://github.com/bustlelabs/mobiledoc-kit

It was designed for use-cases very similar to or the same as your own. Embedding rich content, with arbitrary runtime and edit-time implementation, in a WYSIWYG.


Thanks @mixonic, I’ll check it out. Would it support regions of a document with different background colors? How about tables?


Im biased haha but i love froala editor. Its one of the few editors that allow you to build in your own buttons and connect to the editor.

You can find the ember add-on here: https://www.npmjs.com/package/ember-froala


Though, also to mention for the comparison that you require to purchase license in order to use the froala editor. Hence, Mobiledoc-Kit is a good choice to go for.


Sublime 3(latest)

Visual Studio Code (having github udpate)


Mobiledoc is really interesting, I’m trying to build a rich text editor for user content with things like @mentions, #hashtags etc. The documentation looks a bit lacking though, are there any full example apps that show how it all fits together?


@benking we have a Gitter chat linked from the readme which is fairly active. Others have done things similar to what you’re describing- we do not have a UI for auto-complete baked in on purpose. I expect supporting your case is some combination of editor hooks, absolute positioning of UI, and atoms.