Looking for an ember + scss + rails developer



I’m looking for an ember developer to take over my place on a project that I have to leave for personal reasons. It’s a fulltime, remote, contract position, with the strong potential to become permanent if everything works out with you.

The company is a very early stage bootstrapped startup, working on a financial tracking webapp that will be served by financial institutions to their clients. The founder is not technical (business/financial guy), but unlike most, he is really understanding, realistic, and can understand the essence of technical issues with a little explanation. As one of the first members of the team (currently 2, including myself), if you stay on fulltime, you would have a big hand in defining the culture and practices of the team.

An exciting aspect of this company is that, in spite of being very early stage, we already have multiple paying clients.

We recently converted the entire app from a traditional rails app to ember.js + rails api. There are some pieces involving data import/processing, calculations, data manipulation if that interests you. Currently, the app is mainly a reporting tool, but in the future, pieces involving a lot of interactivity are planned.

What we need from you is ember.js experience (ideally) or very strong interest (at least), ability to manage styling (scss) in an organized fashion, rails experience would be a plus. Any computational background or sys admin would be a strong plus.

I’m writing this posting without input from my boss, and I can say frankly that this is a great opportunity without a lot of the annoyances that generally exist in startups.


Hi! I’ve been working Ember for a few months, have a background in Finance, and have been doing data visualization at my current job. This seems like a pretty good fit!

I’m very interested in the position, so if it’s still available, let me know! Reply here, or reach out at www.samselikoff.com.



Hi! I co-designed SproutCore, which was/is the predecessor to Ember, and as you’d expect, I’m as “expert” as they come when it comes to app development. I recently finished up a really satisfying one year dev project and I’m on the lookout for my next one (I just started looking today, great timing on your post!).

I’ve been working remotely for the last 17 years, doing consulting and contract work. I began working with Rails way back with 0.10, and I do sys admin on my own projects, thought it’s not a focus of mine. I’m happy doing whatever needs to be done, coding-wise.

I pioneered the state-based approach to app development that Ember is trying to replicate/simplify with routes, so I understand what’s going on there pretty deeply.

You can email me at erich.ocean@me.com if I sound like what you’re looking for. It seems like what you’re describing would be a good fit for me.

Also, if anyone else is looking for a top-notch developer, feel free to email me as well. Last year, I developed my own ‘next generation’ of SproutCore, called Blossom. It’s an iOS-style mobile app framework with canvas rendering and implicit animation. Get the code here: https://github.com/erichocean/blossom