Markdown + link-to + i18n + helper functions

I’m trying to build a cms system for Indian Farmers (each province in India understand/speak/write a different language) so to keep the data entry simple, I opted for markdown format. But I want use the ember goodness also.

  • Markdown is stored in database as part of model data.
  • Markdown will contain ‘i18n’ template
  • Markdown will contain ‘user defined’ helper template
  • Markdown will contain ‘link-to’ tags
  • Markdown will contain ‘images’ stored in model data.
  • Once base language data is ready. Same markdown will be used to translate model data to other languages.


### Crop Name 
{{t ''}}

### Yield
{{metric-system crop.yield unit="basket"}}

### InterCrop
{{#link-to 'crop.other' crop.other}}{{t ''}}{{/link-to}}

Rendered (application.hbs)

Crop Name



5 baskets


[!-- #link-to http://localhost/crop/2 --] ಚೆಂಡುವ
  • Is my approach correct?
  • Is there a addon which fulfills all these requirements?
  • If none exists, how should I go about building one?
  • Whom do I approach for mentoring me for building such a addon?