Migrating Off of PromiseProxyMixin in Ember Octane

Over the past several months, we’ve been working steadily to move away from mixins in our app. One of the cases that comes up most often is PromiseProxyMixin, which we had used a lot over the years to get access to the state of a promise and to get access to its resolved data in a nice way. We want to stop using that mixin and ObjectProxy both… but we also don’t want to give up the benefits we were getting from them!

I wrote this post as a guide for other developers internally to see how to migrate any individual use of PromiseProxyMixin to a similarly-convenient, but much Octane-ier, load helper and AsyncData type we built. Hopefully it will be helpful to others in the community as well!

Migrating Off of PromiseProxyMixin in Ember Octane


This is wonderful Chris. Thanks.

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