My Experience with Ember thus far


I have done quite a bit of Rails development and have been working with Ember for a few months …

I found working with ember mixins, objects, reopening classes and things like that to be really cool. I am curious how angular compares in this way as I had heard angular does not have mixins, but I am not sure if that is quite true or not

I sometimes feel like if there are a bunch of computed properties that all have some dependency on one another that I am not always sure what may happen. It at least seems a bit new to me beyond the simple cases and I feel like it can perhaps get complicated. This is also true when there is one controller or something that has a computed property that is connected or uses a property in a different controller. When different controllers or Ember components are working together in that way, I sometimes am not clear what is going on.

In the case of promises, I am not always sure how to guarantee when a promise has been fulfilled … I may have to do more research as when I am busy on a project, I don’t always have time to try to read up on things

Some things that you want to do do not always seem to fall out naturally and finding how to do stuff by google searches seems hit or miss at times …