Minimal Pagination Example (Rails + Ember)


Requires ActiveModelSerializers and WillPaginate.

Simple and works. Uses the “meta” functionality of AMS and Ember.

Obviously this functionality is barer than bare bones. Happy to post a full example site if people are interested.

Pagination with Ember Data - can we agree on a single solution?

Also happy to package this up into a gem (or other package) if people have interest, please let me know.

Ember-data RESTAdapter pagination and filtering

Created a small library, available for browser and in NPM.

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@mharris717 it will be great if you add support for sorting on server side


on current version of ember 1.4 its not working ,setting up the plugin not working but show more link working in appending data but i don’t stop ,it continue loading data even current page exceeded the total pages .