Model aware component and tests

I’m quite new to the ember community, and I have created a component that generates its content base on a given DS.Model object :

// templates/test.hbs
{{my-component model=model.model modelName=model.modelName}}

// routes/test.js
import MyModel from 'app/models/my-model';
model() {
  model: MyModel,
  modelName: 'my-model'

// components/my-component.js
modelAttributes: Ember.computed(function() {
  let model = this.get('model');
  let attributes = [];

  // retrieves options if exists
  let labels = this.get('labels');
  let requires = this.get('requires');

  // Populating modelAttributes
  model.eachAttribute((attr, meta) => {
    let attributesInfo = {key: attr, type: meta.type, data: ''};
    // do some stuff
  return attributes;

It works great but I’m quite stuck at testing this. Indeed I tried :

// tests/acceptances/components/my-component
moduleForComponent('my-component', 'Integration | Component | my component', {
  integration: true

const DummyModel = DS.Model.extend({
  string: DS.attr('string'),
  email: DS.attr('email')

test('it renders', function(assert) {    
  this.set('modelDescription', DummyModel);
  this.set('modelName', 'dummy');

  this.render(hbs`{{easy-crud modelName=modelName model=modelDescription}}`);

  // asserting stuff

and using mirage to fake dummy objects. but it keeps on failing with the following error :

Died on test #1 at Module.callback (http://localhost:7357/assets/tests.js:698:24)
    at Module.exports (http://localhost:7357/assets/vendor.js:123:32)
    at requireModule (http://localhost:7357/assets/vendor.js:38:18)
    at TestLoader.require (http://localhost:7357/assets/test-support.js:6979:7)
    at TestLoader.loadModules (http://localhost:7357/assets/test-support.js:6971:14)
    at Function.TestLoader.load (http://localhost:7357/assets/test-support.js:7001:22)
    at http://localhost:7357/assets/test-support.js:6885:18: Unexpected token u in JSON at position 0

Does anyone have an idea ? Or am I doing something wrong ? Thanks