Model data being lost on page reload


I have models for orders and order items, with a standard one-to-many relationship:


export default DS.Model.extend({
   orderItems: DS.hasMany('order-item'),


export default DS.Model.extend({
    order: DS.belongsTo('order'),

When I save an order, I transition to a review-order route whose model is using my currentUser object set up (having already logged into the site) - want to try and keep this short!

Upon the transition, checking the Ember inspector shows the order, and order item records.

However, if I reload this review-order page, while the order remains in the store, the order items have been removed, and thus I can no longer loop through them in my template.

In my application adapter I am using

shouldBackgroundReloadRecord() {
	return false;

I’ve also tried another way of obtaining the orders (ie not by including them with the user in the way I’ve described) but that lead to other frustrating issues so wanted to come back to this first. Hope it makes sense - any help much appreciated.