Model "is a" Relationship

Hi, I am very new to Ember.

I have an “associate” model and a “collector” model, which extends associate. Collector is also a subset of associate and no associate can be duplicated in collector.

//associate model import DS from ‘ember-data’;

export default DS.Model.extend({
   associateId: DS.attr('number')
  ,lastName: DS.attr('string')
  ,firstName: DS.attr('string')
  ,nickname: DS.attr('string')
  ,phoneExtension: DS.attr('string')

//collector model import DS from ‘ember-data’; import associate from ‘./associate’;

export default associate.extend({
   isSpanishSpeaker: DS.attr('number')
  ,isConciergeEligible: DS.attr('number')
  ,shiftName: DS.attr('string')
  ,isActive: DS.attr('number')
  ,subscriptions: DS.hasMany('call-queue')

I’m having trouble finding the correct “Ember way” to model this relationship.

  1. I want to be able to pick members from associate and add them to collector
  2. I want to create a pick list of associates that are not collectors
  3. When I add an associate to the collector set, I want the pick list in #2 to remove that associate from its list.

Finally, the action below, “addAssociateToCollectors()”, is giving me the following error: “Assertion Failed: Ember.Object.create no longer supports defining computed properties. Define computed properties using extend() or reopen() before calling create().”.

The setDiff is also not working.

//controller for my ‘add’ template for collector

export default Controller.extend({
	 associateToAdd: null
	,availableAssociates: setDiff('', 'model.collectors') //this does not work

	,actions: {
		setAssociateToAdd(value) {
		   this.set('associateToAdd', value); //set by picklist in template
		,addAssociateToCollectors() {'collector', {
			 ,firstName: this.associateToAdd.firstName
			 ,lastName: this.associateToAdd.lastName
			 ,nickname: this.associateToAdd.nickname
			 ,phoneExtension: this.associateToAdd.phoneExtension
			 ,isSpanishSpeaker: 0
			 ,isConciergeEligible: 0
			 ,shiftName: 'Variable'
			 ,isActive: 1
			 ,subscriptions: null

I’d appreciate any help anyone can offer. Or, if there are docs that address this that I’m missing, please point me in the right direction.

Thank you.

First off, I think your assertion is happening because you are trying to add the raw attribute definition to your new model: “” is a DS.attr() , you want the property’s value: “this.associateToAdd.get(‘id’)”

Try replacing all of the ‘this.associate.x’ properties in your createRecord with constant strings and numbers briefly to see if that removes the assertion - if so, then that is the problem.

In terms of your primary question, I think in Ember you would need to do the ‘createRecord’ of collector like you are doing and then do a destroyRecord of the old associate.

Something to consider - what if you made the collector a ‘role’ of an associate, and then made your ‘role’ class polymorphic? Then you could just createRecord a role and add it to the existing associate. The picklist would filter on role !== collector and the collectors would be role === collectors

Then you never have to destroy an associate just because you’ve ‘promoted’ it to collector.

Edit: Also, the setDiff is not going to recognize a particular associate record as matching a particular collector record, since they are completely different records and Ember doesn’t have any way of knowing that you consider them to be the same one.

Thank you! I’ll pursue these ideas and check back in here later today.

You were right about the createRecord error.

Your suggestion about the ‘role’ attribute helped me rethink the relationship. I’m now loading all associates and just filtering between collectors and non-collectors. That eliminated all of the semantic problems and greatly reduced the amount of code.

Thanks, again.

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